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Reviews of Website Content Basic Principles by Wallace Associates Inc.

July 13, 2016

Writing has come a very long way since the World Wide Web became the norm in reaching out to the mass market for whatever product or service one may have to offer. Multi-media presentations have a clear advantage now over the plain black-and-white, ink-on-paper news or magazine format. The website, as a result, has served to bring more business and awareness because of their versatile, in-the-face and prompt delivery of services.

For those who wish to go into online advertising and marketing, here are a few principles to follow to make web content effective and interesting:

  1. Keep it brief and concise – In general, being direct, simple, clear and terse in one’s writing favors those who wish to keep interest on the website. With the available visual and audio tools to reinforce the message, words tend to get in the way and must, therefore, be used sparingly and wisely. In cases where words cannot be replaced by selfies or viral videos, more picturesque and active words will help bring out the message just as effectively as most visual aids.     
  2. Attractive appearance – With a little help from visual techniques, such as animation, unique fonts and colorful layouting, your content can convey an appearance of credibility and professionalism as effective tools for attracting more hits. Nevertheless, it takes a consummate web designer to determine which kind of appearance or motif works for a particular business or product. This requires understanding not just the tenets of aesthetics or artistic style but knowing the mind of the end-users. Most companies or individuals dictate how they want their websites to appear based on their goals and whims. However, considering the perspectives of the consumers can help make your website hit the target more often than not.
  3. Prompt interaction – Anyone can be solicitous of one’s clients by providing a 24/7 customer service, if necessary. However, providing a means where clients can make inquiries or suggestions directly through automated customer service or a virtual do-it-yourself tool kit to resolve issues can become a way of attracting visitors and keeping interest in your website.  

Wallace Associates Inc. deals with hundreds of clients who communicate through the Internet. The company’s capability in providing effective solutions to your manpower requirements stems from its efficient use of quality web-content, interactive service and prompt delivery of information.


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